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The Magic Lightnin’ Boys - The Magic Lightnin’ Boys - Album - Review

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Cincinnati, OH blues rock band, The Magic Lightnin’ Boys released their new album earlier this year!

The band is comprised of Casey Gomez (vocals), Brian Tarter (guitars), Richie Lee (bass) and Kurt Lipphardt (drums). 


The Magic Lightnin’ Boys released their self – titled album in February of this year and you can download the album from iTunes.  ‘The Magic Lightnin’ Boys’ features seven tracks, see the track list below: 


-Mind Funk 

-Sucker Punch 

-Broken Dream 


-Devils Lettuce 

-Couples Skate 

-Stones Throw


‘The Magic Lightnin’ Boys’ is a great blues-rock album from the band. Filled with blues and funk guitar riffs and stunning powerful vocals, it’s an album that will capture your attention and keep it. As the band shows off just what they can do from an instrumental point of view but also a lyrical one too! This album shows off just how talented this band is!


This is an album that has a heavier side to it yet still has an underlining grove.  ‘The Magic Lightnin’ Boys’ is also album that is definitely worth a listen and a place in your music collection! 


Keep up with The Magic Lightnin’ Boys via their Facebook and Twitter

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