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Trevor Brooks - Lonely At Its Finest - EP - Review

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Country singer, Trevor Brooks has released his debut EP ‘Lonely At Its Finest’!

The Nashville country singer recorded the EP ‘Lonely At Its Finest’ in Nashville at Alive Studios and due out this summer.


“My aunt brought me to Nashville for my 19th birthday. So I blame her for my uprooting,” says country singer/songwriter Trevor Brooks. The Waxahachie, TX native was enrolled at Texas Tech, but “the music I wanted to create wasn’t necessarily the type of country associated with Lubbock.” (Although, Brooks is quick to say, “Lubbock has some very talented songwriters that I’m happy to know.”) Soon after the visit, he was back to stay, “Moving to Nashville helped me discover the kind of artist I wanted to be and, more importantly, the kind of artist I did NOT want to be. Learning from the musicians and writers in town has helped me grow more than I could have ever imagined two and a half years ago.”


His mother and grandmother made a big impacts on him as well. “Besides my childhood (and still very much adulthood) obsession with Backstreet Boys,” Brooks half-jokes, “my mother has been the true inspiration to my musical taste.” 


As his mother listened to the likes of Vince Gill, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts and Dixie Chicks around the house growing up, while Brooks’ grandmother gave him an understanding of the impact of strong vocals and their importance in carrying the emotional weight of songs. “My grandmother has one of the most angelic, beautiful voices I have ever heard. I grew up hearing her sing in church and couldn’t get enough of it. To this day it brings tears to my eyes hearing her sing.”


When asked if he had a musical upbringing, he answers “If by ‘musical’ you mean an instrument playing, jamming around a living room, old pianos in the bedroom type of family, then absolutely not. We are more of a sports family. But don’t get me wrong, “he quips. “I suck at sports and tend to break bones each time I try to play.” 


“I was actually a very self-conscious child that kept my voice and feelings to myself. I knew there was a way to get my feelings out, aside from my normal late night kitchen chats with Momma. That turned into lyrics. Which slowly turned into music.” Lyrics have always been Brooks’ entry point for songwriting. “To be completely honest, when I moved to Nashville in 2012, I had notebooks filled with lyrics, but had never even written a song.”


‘Lonely At Its Finest’ feature five tracks: 


-Talk me Out Of Her

-Finished That Bottom Too 

-Drive By 

-Steal My Car

-When The Lonely Feels Normal


‘Lonely At Its Finest’ is a great release from Trevor Brooks, this is a release that shows off the musical talent that backs the singers as well as his song writing ability. The EP has a strong and unmistakable country feel to it that is powered by emotive songs with a heartfelt sound to them, giving the release a very real and honest feel. 


Trevor Brooks vocals, with his unique tone come to the forefront of the release really making this record his. 


‘Lonely At Its Finest’ is a record you should definitely give some time too!


You can download the EP from iTunes.


Be sure to keep up with Trevor Brooks find out more about his debut release via this Facebook and Twitter

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