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Best Years - Drop Out - EP - Review

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Manchester quintet, Best Years are releasing their EP ‘Drop Out’ on the 28th August!

The pop punk band is comprised of Joel Plews (vocals), Josh Holand (bassist), Ed Lawson (guitar), James Hunt (guitar) and Josh Berzins (drums).  


“The E.P title isn’t loaded with any negative connotations,” states Joel Plews, discussing the band’s latest E.P ‘Drop Out’; “The members of this band have all ‘dropped out’ of reality in order to fully commit to this band; we’ve made sacrifices in doing so, but we’re having more fun doing this than we would be doing anything else. The title is meant as an encouragement for people to drop out of boring routines and start afresh doing something they love, to chase their dreams.”


“The songs are definitely catchier and, dare I say it, a little cheesier than on our previous release,” laughs Joel; “We feel like we have properly found our sound; we’re a lot happier in terms of how the songs are both instrumentally and lyrically. We want to do stuff we like, and not get lost in the loop of competition because that’s when tensions arise and things go wrong. We’ve all been in that situation in previous bands, rushing against other bands, but now we just say ‘fuck it, let’s do everything to the best of our ability and give it our best shot’; whatever happens we’re still going to carry on making music and being best friends. We just want to be the band that puts a smile on people’s faces.”


‘Drop Out’ features three tracks: 


-Back Then 

-Built To Last 



‘Drop Out’ brings with it pop punk vibes and honest lyrics. This is a release with an overall upbeat and energetic feel that will have you on your feet dancing and singing along, with their infectious sound and nostalgic side to it, it’s a release you will have a hard time not enjoying. 


This is an EP that you will have in your head for days with the single ‘Overrated’ being the highlight of the release. 


Listen to the bands track ‘Overrated’ here


You can download the EP from iTunes


Keep up with Best Years via their Facebook and Twitter


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