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Omega Diatribe - Abstract Ritual - Album - Review

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Metalers, Omega Diatribe have released their new EP!

The Budapest, Hungry based band comprised of Gergely Komáromi (vocal), Ákos Szathmáry (bass), Gergő Hájer (lead guitar), Attila Császár (guitar) and Tommy Kiss (drums) released their new EP ‘Abstract Ritual’ via Independent Ear Records on the 11th September in the EU and US.  


The new EP also features legendary drummer Kevin Talley. ‘Abstract Ritual’ features seven tracks: 


-Subsequent Phase


-Hydrozoan Periods

-Abstract Ritual 

-The Quantum 

-Unshadowed Days (Perception Remix)

-Hydrozoan Periods (Glass Meduse Remix) 


‘Abstract Ritual’ is an excellently heavy release from the band with a sound that packs quite the punch as it grabs your ears and demands to be listen too! With its use of chunky guitar riffs, raw and aggressive vocals and dynamic and pounding drum beats with a good measure of double foot pedal! 


This is a fast paced release from the band and one you should definitely be listening too, with their well written songs and use of layers, it’s a release you will want to keep listening too!


You can download the EP from the bands Bandcamp page. 


Keep up with Omega Diatribe via their Facebook and Twitter


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