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Charles Ellsworth - Wildcat Chuck Charles - EP - Review

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 New York based solo artist Charles Ellsworth has released this new EP ‘Wildcat Chuck Charles’! 

Charles Ellsworth released his new EP ‘Wildcat Chuck Charles’ on the 16th October, that features his newest single ‘A Packed Suitcase’. 


“I wrote the opening line to ‘A Packed Suitcase’ while traveling solo through the PNW [Pacific Northwest].  One of those overnight drives where you suck down cigarettes like they’re necessary to life, and in a sense they are,” Charles said.


He continued, “You’ve been driving so long that you can’t quite remember where you started, and all at once it happens: the world around you seems to all collapse into a single moment.  A memory you’ve purposely-misplaced full knowing that one-day you would stumble upon it and have to face it, you tell yourself ‘someday, but not today.’  Hoping that when the time comes, you’ve grown and matured enough to be able to wrestle with it and come away unscathed, at the very least still breathing.  The memory starts as something small.  The curve of a collarbone. A rose-gold ring wrapped around a freckled finger. A crooked smile.”


See the track list below: 


-A Packed Suitcase

-Could Have Done Better

-Arizona Pines

-Grandfather Pine


‘Wildcat Chuck Charles’ is a beautiful blend of blues and rock giving this release a very emotional filled feel. With predominantly blue style guitar riffs and thought provoking lyrics with a very emotive and slightly darker vibe to them making for a very interesting and exciting release from the singer.  


Despite only being a four track EP this is a very strong release with a full sound. Not to mention the excellent vocals! 


You can download the EP from iTunes


Keep up with Charles Ellsworth via his Facebook and Twitter


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