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The Bash Dogs – The Bash Dogs – EP – Review

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Here’s a little something for psychedelic punk rock fans. Smashing together the sounds of White Stripes and the Black Keys with that of the Ramones and the Beatles, the new self-titled EP release from Orange County rock outfit The Bash Dogs is guaranteed to turn a few heads and intrigue the music enthusiasts of the world.

Instantly bursting in with groove-fuelled riffs and a pounding beat, opening track ‘Momma Don’t Know’ gives a clear indication of how heavy The Bash Dogs are willing to go, occupying the space between punk rock and the darker end of the indie rock spectrum. ‘Let’s Get Saucy’ comes next, giving off a live show presence before fading into a dreamy, shoegaze track as it nears the end of the song.


‘Sara From Chella’ sticks with this dream-like sensation, leaning in and out of both emo revival and scuzz rock every now and then. ‘Lost At Sea’ seems to mark the middle ground between the opening track and ‘Sara From Chella’, reminiscent of Cage the Elephant and Big Sixes in various parts, before the Ramones-meets-rockabilly ‘Baby Shake It’ brings the record to a close brilliantly. It’s an interesting effort from the power trio, and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next. 


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Written by Kelly Ronaldson. 

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