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Copperfox Have Released Their New Single!

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Nashville based dream pop duo, Copperfox have released their new single!

The duo consisting of Lisa Garcia and guitarist Rory Mohon have released their new EP ‘Haunts’ and they have released two singles from the EP ‘War Horse’ and their newest one ‘Feel in The Void’. You can listen to the single here


Lisa Garcia has this to say about ‘Feel in the Void’: “I grew up Christian but couldn't really get behind the idea that we're all damned from the start -- this song is partly just me working through that. It is also essentially about the hole that so many people have within them. People try to fill it with all kinds of things: religion, drugs and other vices... whatever, I guess. I really have no solution, or any sort of remedy. Luckily, Rory wrote the song in such a way that it ends with a chaotic burst that we all participate in, and then there's just a final release, which seems to be the most fitting ending.” 


Keep up with Copperfox via their Facebook and Twitter


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