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Double Experience - Unsaved Progress - Album - Review

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Canadian neo – rock band, Double Experience have released their third album ‘Unsaved Progress’!

The Ottawa based trio are taking the next step from their previous album – initially released exclusively on collectible trading cards – by utilizing classic video-game inspired artwork and packaging.


Vocalist Ian Nichols stated: “Imagine an old Sega game with an audio disc inside instead. Actually, if I had been raised on a video game this exciting with a soundtrack that sounded like this, I probably would have turned out a lot cooler than I am now.”


Pre-orders are now available at the band's merch store. A deluxe edition of the album with two unreleased songs, two acoustic remixes, merch discount codes, studio footage and a brand new trading card – is also available for the fastidious Double Experience collector.


“Unsaved Progress” was released on the 8th April via their own label Colfax Rock.


You can order the album here


See the track list here: 


-So Fine


-The Glimmer Shot

-See You Soon


-Exposure Exposure

-Death of Lucidity


-Weakened Warriors


‘Unsaved Progress’ brings together such genres as alternative rock, hard rock and a touch od metal and classic rock to create this edgy sound releasing from the band! This is a complex and dynamic release from the trio with their sound that is filled with layer so great melodies and riffs to for make a full sound. 


Lyrically this is a stand out album release from the band with well-written lyrics with depth that flows so well, not to mention the addition of the strong vocals. 


This is a truly exciting release from Double Experience with an energetic style; this is a band that is a force to be reckoned with! So get on board and get your hands on this release! With soaring guitar riffs and vocals, you won’t want to miss out! 


Keep up with Double Experience via their Facebook and Twitter

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