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3 Pill Morning - Interview

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3 Pill Morning have released their new album, ‘Never Look Back’, so we decided to catch up with vocalist, Jeff Stebbins to find out more about the new record and just why you should be getting your hands on it. 

How are you? 

“Doing great!”



You are gearing up to release your new album 'Never Look Back', can you tell me a little bit about the album? 

“We really set out to create an album that captured the live energy that we have. We tour nonstop and wanted to record something that really captured the emotion and intent of each song and didn't overthink things too much. We feel like we did that.” 



What was the writing and recording process like for the album?

“The writing process was cool because we mixed it in with being on the road, so when we'd record the songs were fresh and we just went in and knocked it out. We didn't have months of waiting to get an idea out. That really helped us keep the excitement of each song.”



What is your favourite track on the album and why? 

“I'm a fan of ‘Electric Chair’ just because it's got a cool vibe to it and really was a collaborative process to bring it to life. I think it brought out the best in all of us.”



What and who has influenced the record both musically and lyrically?

“I think life and experience had the biggest influences. We've grown as songwriters and wanted to take some risks on this record with how we recorded, what textures we added and ultimately the songs needed to be real and substantive.”



What do you want fans to take from your new record?

”Hope they think we wrote a great end-to-end album. That they can feel the thought we put into it and that there's something in it to latch onto that gets them through whatever life throws their way.”



Tell me one fact about the band that you don't think your fans will know?

“The only state we haven't been to is Alaska.”



Will you be hitting the road in support of the new release?

”Definitely! We'll be out supporting it nonstop. We're on a killer tour right now with Thousand Foot Krutch and Adelitas Way and are looking forward to more after that!”


Describe the band in three words.

“Real. Party. Motivated.”



Where can fans find out more about you?

“We're everywhere, but @3pillmorning on all the socials or!”

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