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Machinae Supremacy - Phantom Shadow - Album - Review

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Brand new album for you today!

Sid metal band, Machinae Supremacy formed in 2000 and hail from Luleå, Sweden and consist of Robert Stjärnström (vocals) Jonas Rörling (guitar) Tomi Luoma (guitar), Andreas Gerdin (bass) and Niklas Karvonen (drums). 

The bands sixth studio album ‘Phantom Shadow’ will be released on the 25th August, via Spinefarm Records.  The record is a 14 track album and was produced and mixed by vocalist Robert Stjärnström, who helped form the band. 

‘Phantom Shadow’ is the follow up to their 2012 release, ‘Rise Of A Digital Nation’. The release is complete with cellos, violins, guest vocals & spoken word passages – detailing a story (in Stjarnstrom’s head since 2003 and reflected in the album art) that is likely to continue through the next full-length release as well.

The narrative touches on man’s use of technology and the quest for greater, ‘super’ powers. UK guitarist Mike Dawes, one of the world’s finest ‘finger-style’ players appears on the track ‘Europa’ also. 

‘Phantom Shadow’ is a stunning release from the band with great vocals from Robert Stjärnström as well as guests. This is a release with a driven sound that has something for everything with the blend of rock, metal, electric and classical at times, it has a sound of its own. With every song on the album sounding completely different, with ever listen you will find something else within the record that you love. Machinae Supremacy have also show off so well just how talented  a band they are and really is an album you should get your hands on.

Machinae Supremacy are planning a return in October, dates are yet to be confirmed. 

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