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RXGF - Any Other Way - Album - Review

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I have a pretty unique band for you lot today!

RXGF is a revamping of the group’s original craft, Radioactive X Girlfriend, and consist of producers, John Morgan Reilly and Jonathan Plum and vocalist Angeline Schaaf . 


The band go back to 2005, when Reilly called upon Plum after Plum and producer Geoff Ott bought famed London Bridge Studios in Seattle. Plum, well known for his work with everyone from Brandi Carlile and Pearl Jam to Alice in Chains and Blind Melon, had produced one of Reilly’s previous bands. 


The two began to experiment with new songs and sounds, and within a few years the group release their first two Radioactive X Girlfriend albums, ‘The Art of Splitting’ (2011) and ‘All Blade No Handle’ (2012). 


These releases included various guest members and musical contributors, including Daniel Bedingfield, Dave Rosser (Twilight Singers, Afghan Whigs), Matthew Burgess, Davey Brozowski (Cathaters), Josh Greenberg (The Ruby Doe) and Jol’e Williams (So A.D.D.). 


When they found Angeline, she was working at an espresso stand when he contacted her from an advert she had placed but had long forgotten about. “As a demo, I recorded an a capella piece between customers,” she laughs. “I had always wanted to be in a band and joining forces with John and Jonathan was an exciting opportunity. Plus I love jazz and I heard plenty of jazz influences in the music. Working with them is an amazing experience, especially for someone like me who joined the band just trying to explore my own creative path.”


The band has released their new album ‘Any Other Way’ on the 1st November and it contains 13 songs. 


‘Any Other Way’ isn’t an album you would have heard before and that’s the beauty of this release. With a sound that features elements of rock and underground dance, it has something everyone. Especially when the music tells the stories of the lyrics as it continues to grow and fall. ‘Any Other Way’ is an album that conveys the darker side and tension of the lyrics and its subject. Lets not forget Angeline Schaaf very unique vocal tone that as a darker and slight jazz edge to it. 


This is an album that is well produced. So go on have a listen! 


RXGF have also recently be honored by the Artists In Music Awards (AIMA) organization as they been nominated for Best Alternative Artists and Best Video (“Sweet Control”), with Reilly receiving a nomination for Best Producer of 2014.


Keep up with RXGF via their Facebook and Twitter .


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