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Oceanwide Have Released Their Debut EP!

Published in News & Reviews

Oceanwide have released their debut EP!

Polar States have released their new single ‘Gold’! 

As they get ready to hit the UK for their Spring Break Tour, American party punkers Patent Pending have announced that they have a new cover album! While the band has been known for playing cover songs at their shows, this time they were so excited about the tracks chosen, and the way they were revisited, that they absolutely had to hit the studio to record them. 'Other People's Greatest Hits' comes out on May 26th via Rude Records, and the first song "Spice Up Your Life" is available here.  

The Without - Factions - EP - Review

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It’s rare that a band drops a debut release with the amount of polish and ambition that is seen across The Without’s new EP “Factions”. The Portland-based metal outfit describe themselves as a creative venture between five lifelong friends, but this isn’t the US rockers first rodeo sharing they had been fans of each other’s work for years before coming together as “The Without”.

China Gate Announce ‘Good Grief’ EP

Published in News & Reviews

Memphis indie-rockers China Gate announced their upcoming EP release, 'Good Grief' is scheduled for release on Friday, 19th May.

Portland, OR-based rockers, The Without have dropped their debut EP!

Everyday Sidekicks – Hope - Album - Review

Published in News & Reviews

Release date: 31st March 

PATRONS - As Above, So Below - Album - Review

Published in News & Reviews

Patrons are a band, born out of long-standing friendships and a love for the unconventional, from Plymouth, U.K. The band draw inspiration from personal events, feeding on whatever life throws at them. 

Keston Cobblers Club are back with their brand new album, 'Almost Home' – the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2015 album – 'Wildfire'.

While continuing to showcase huge hooks, intricate melodies and the kind of honest, accessible lyrics that have already won them an army of loyal fans - 'Almost Home' actually sees the 5-piece taking a more simple approach to their songwriting, as lead singer Matt explains: "The idea was to go back to songwriting in its simplicity, based around nostalgia and the idea of 'home'. We were careful not to over embellish or over produce, instead, we wanted to concentrate on the story and melodies." Cue minimal use of strings, simple arrangements, and songs that let the key instruments sit perfectly without bulking out the tracks in production. "There's always going to be an overall 'Cobblers sound' to our albums that we want to keep. I love an element of consistency from bands, but you do also want to bring something new to the table with each release."

Over the last few years, Keston Cobblers Club have been steadily building a name for themselves. Their debut album 'One, For Words' came in 2012, quietly released as a digital download followed by two EPs, 'A Scene of Plenty' and 2014's 'A Pocket Guide to Escaping'. Then came 'Wildfire' the aforementioned 2015 album which won them huge praise everywhere from MOJO Magazine, The Guardian, The Independent and the Financial Times to Songlines, fRoots and Clash.

The band will be releasing their new album ‘Almost Home’ on the 31th March. 

See the track list below: 


- Almost Home

- Concord

- Bicycles

- Demons

- Martha & Giles

- On Your Own 

- Forest Hill 

- Hand That Feeds You 

- Walls 

- Winning

- As Island 

- All I Need


Birmingham pop-punk band Coast to Coast have released their new EP ‘The Length Of A Smile’ on 24th March 2017 through Fox Records!

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